What Is It?

Our patented sports/entertainment series is an answer to TV execs concerns over audience erosion/distraction as a result of viewer’s second screen use while watching TV. A Nielsen/Yahoo study found more than 86% of mobile internet users watching TV are also engaged in second screen activity, but only about a third of that activity relates to the show they are watching.

The industry has reacted by creating apps that push supportive synched second screen content. Showtime has several show specific ones and Fox Sports supports one that accompanies MLB and soccer. These apps allow users to dig deeper into an actor’s or athlete’s profile, check game stats, respond to polls, and purchase related merchandise, but even those deep and rich second screen activities are rather passive.

We’ve created a patented and truly interactive experience for second screen users that keeps their attention focused on the TV by offering them live action sports while also delivering a truly interactive “viewing” experience where second screen users affect the live action in real time. Second screen participation isn’t mandatory to enjoy the live competition, but it will certainly make it more fun!

“Second Screen Sports ” are derived from established main-stream sports and enhanced to allow viewers to effect the play and interact with the event in real time by requiring athletes to react a changing competition environment. Included on the interactive dashboard are social opportunities and a “predictor” element where top scoring viewers qualify for prizes.